The Council of ASEAN Fashion Designers (CAFD) is an independent non-profit organization to facilitate ASEAN fashion to remain relevant and designers to thrive in the digital economy. CAFD is the first ever fashion organization to be accredited by the ASEAN Secretariat. This is a supervising council to promote high quality ASEAN fashion, apparel and ASEAN atelier industry moving forward. CAFD is created to impact the world and to empower its members in taking their vision and ideas, and making them a commercial reality.

CAFD has a goal to inspire new generations of ASEAN atelier students to learn in-depth industry skills in immaculate sewing, pattern-making and cutting based on the traditions of good craftsmanship. Reviving the industry of atelier with refined skills is crucial to bridge the skilled labor gap for ASEAN.

ASEAN’s unique multi-ethnic cultures with high quality tailoring shall be distinguished ASEAN competitive edge to thrive in today’s global economy. In facing the challenges of fast-fashion and mass-produced low-cost disposables ASEAN should stay focus on Creativity, Originality, Social-Responsibility and Traceability.