Promoting ASEAN designers to sell to the global marketplace means designers must be exposed to and in those markets. The most effective strategy would be collaborations with international artistes and celebrities. CAFD with AFAB Asia have Exclusive partnerships with the world's largest music, entertainment and media companies to enable celebrity-collaboration with ASEAN Designers. CAFD-AFAB's partners CAFD-AFAB's partners include Universal Music Group, Hunan TV Network and Yeah-One TV.

Asean designers design for celebs' private collections and leverage on the marketing power of popular celebrities to sell to the world. Your Creativity and Celeb's Social Marketing Power.
As an ASEAN fashion designer you need to carve a niche for your Creativity & deploy Innovative strategies to thrive in the global fashion industry. CAFD together with Business Partner,AFAB, is here as your network partners in provide resources in capital, marketing and technologies.

As a designer you can now have a career doing what you do best - create original masterpieces and monitor the quality of your collections with your tailors.
CAFD-AFAB with their strategic partnerships with the world’s largest media and entertainment companies link ASEAN emerging designers with world class celebrities. With each project, designers shall be able to leverage on the artiste-collaborations to step onto the global stage.

In addition, CAFD website is an open platform for fashion retailers to seek talents or collaborate with ASEAN designers.To find out the latest opportunities and business projects available on AFAB, join CAFD membership now.
CAFD membership is now open for enrolment, South-East Asian designers are welcome to register. Enrolment is Free and members are able to post their portfolio photos or look book under their personal profile.

The annual Membership fee is only applicable for those members who have been successfully matched for business by CAFD or AFAB.